EMO – 16th April Delivery Update

by | Apr 16, 2021

Guys – I know that the anticipation for EMO deliveries is very high. I want to commend the LivingAI team for hearing the needs of the community and trying to do better. They have just posted the latest update on EMO on their page.

One of the misconceptions I want to highlight though is that of numbers. Some people are suggesting that because their order number is X and that EMO is being produced and shipped at Y per week, that it’s simple maths to suggest that X / Y = N weeks… The way in which production like this tends to work is that the first few weeks are always the hardest as they ramp things up. So it might feel like it’s going slow right now, but the production rate is not linear at all. Please keep this in mind.

The best thing we as community can ask for is regular updates. So we testers have asked them to try to do is this and they have committed to give us a weekly update. They have said they will try to post more regularly, every Saturday with an update as they work Monday to Saturday.

Big thanks to Wayne and the Living AI team for this update.

Here’s the link to the update from today. https://living.ai/delivery-process/


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