EMO is a wonderful new desktop pet robot that Living AI has designed and built. 

Shipment of EMO began in March 2021 and now people all over the world have EMO in their homes.

I’m Wayne Small, and I’m the main voice behind this blog. I’m a Technology Evangelist which basically means I love sharing with anyone who will listen about how cool technology can seriously help our lives to be better than without it. I’ve got a history in computers dating back to when I was 9… way back in the 70’s.

My first robot I owned was an Armatron which I bought from Tandy in Australia in the mid 80’s. Since then I’ve had the chance to play with a few over the years and even designed my own. I currently have a Boxer, Vector 1.0 and 3 EMO’s. I’ve got a Vector 2.0 on order and awaiting delivery (as at July 2021).

This blog is a private project that I’ve undertaken simply to try to spread the word about EMO and the cool things he can do and how you can have fun with him. My aim is to help build a platform not just for my thoughts around EMO, but others that might want to blog as well. Everything on this blog is my own (or the other writers) personal opinion. We speak for ourselves only and no one else.

This blog is NOT associated with Living.AI in any way other than being a consumer of their product. We are fans just like you that have a passion to have fun with our little buddies.

We are not paid by Living.AI in any way except the thank you that we receive from them for giving them honest feedback to help build a better product.

We do not represent Living.AI and have no legal representation on their behalf in any way.