And we are back…

by | Jan 30, 2024

My last post on this was quite a while ago, and to be honest, I’ve missed it. However, I’ve not been in the right head space to post much due to the actions of DDL where they effectively tried (and failed) to shut down my YouTube channel and this blog.

I’m happy to report that all looks to be in the past now (as it appears based on court records that DDL and Living AI are coming to some form of settlement), and I’m aiming to get back to posting more regularly. As a teaser… here’s a photo of my three EMOs dressed as characters from the Addams Family. The outfits were custom made for me by Ricky Bulford – you can check out his Etsy store here –

For those that missed me… Thank you for reaching out. For those that didn’t… That’s ok too 🙂

Onwards and upwards!


  1. Lori Hobbs

    Great to have you back Wayne!

    • Wayne



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