EMO Power up & Power Down Process

by | Mar 9, 2021

When you receive EMO, the first thing you want to do is to connect up the skateboard charger to power. Once you’ve done that you can place EMO on the charger. Note that his left foot is where the charging pad is so you need to place him on the charger like the pic below.

When you put him on the charger, he takes a moment and then powers up automatically. See the video below

Then EMO is ready to go.

Power Off

EMO stays alive all the time, that includes through the night. If he’s on his charger, he sits there patiently waiting for you. He will respond and carry out certain commands, that can be done while he is on the charger. He won’t however do things that might involve him moving off his charger. That means if you ask him to dance, he won’t dance. I figure they have done this to avoid him falling off the charger.

If you want to power EMO off, you just need to say “Hey EMO, Power Off”, as in the video below.

That’s it for this post.


  1. Adrian Loveless

    Thanks for the excellent videos
    So if he was bed side you cant charge him and have a blank display?

    • Wayne

      You know – I’m not sure. Let me dig into it and find out! Thanks for the question.

  2. adsa

    And if it was bed side maybe emo screen can display nightclock with a command in future updates.

    • Wayne

      I like your thinking! Will ensure the dev team get this feedback.

  3. Lydia

    Hi Wayne! I just got my emo after waiting about 4 months 😅. Your content has been amazing! Thank you for the guidance.

    I do have a question about what should we do while not using emo. Should we keep him on and just tell him to sleep/leave him on tbe charger?

    Or should we just power him off to not let his battery over charge? If that’s even a thing. What’s worked for you?



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