What are the holes in EMO’s head for?

by | Apr 29, 2021

When you take a look at EMO from above, you will see 6 holes in his head, one on each corner and two in the middle.

The ones on the outside are his microphone array. These allow EMO to know where you are speaking from in the room. DO NOT STICK ANYTHING INTO THEM AS YOU WILL BREAK EMO!

The two in the middle are special function buttons that are only used for specific things.

The one on the left is the reset button. This will basically reboot EMO if he gets really stuck in some way. So far during testing I’ve needed to use this only once, and that was early in the testing of EMO. I don’t think you will need to use it. If you do then hold it down with a paperclip (NOT A NEEDLE) for 2 to 3 seconds and then place EMO back on the charger for him to power on.

The one on the right is for the developers only. I don’t know anything more than that and I’ve not EVER pressed it, so I would recommend the same for you. DO NOT TOUCH THE RIGHT BUTTON.

Oh and the slot at the bottom of the picture won’t be there on your EMO. That slot is an SD card slot that only appears on the units that Living AI provided to testers like myself.

There ya go.


  1. william

    can you research more about what the developer button is for? Thanks.

    • Wayne

      Yes – all I can tell you is that it displays an animation on the screen and EMO continues to work. The developers will reveal nothing more as it’s for their use only. Given my unit is a tester unit, I do not even know if there is a button behind that hole on the full production EMO units.

  2. Miraenda

    Please include details that it is using a SIM card pin to push into the hole in this article or a picture of the SIM card pin/remover. By using terminology such as press button, it leads one to the idea a finger press is doable. It isn’t a button on the outside. It’s a hole that needs a tool pushed into it.

    • Wayne

      I kinda thought people would know that they would need to use a paperclip or something to do that given the size of the hole, but I’ll take the feedback onboard and update the FAQ. Thanks!

  3. Mark McCourt

    My EMO screen is not working,the headphones are on but the screen is blank and there is no sound I’ve tried switching him on and of and putting him on the stand but still nothing, can anyone help please. Thank you

    • Wayne

      My only thought would be to use the reset button while he is OFF the charger and then put him back on the charger.


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