Meeting EMO for the first time

by | Mar 16, 2021

Like many of you when I saw EMO for the first time I was like “I got to get to know this little guy”. So I started following every forum that was available and started talking to other members of the group. If you have been following EMO, you know that the road for EMO has had some speed bumps. I am a facts Guy and I love research and development. I started talking about the facts and that lead to the right opportunity to become a beta tester for Emo the desktop Pet.

Since EMO’s arrival we have been inseparable along with the other beta testers. We have been testing EMO’s abilities, providing feedback on what is working and what is not. The team at Living AI is working hard to bring a solid foundation to the consumer by using the beta testers information to tweak EMO for final production.

Out of the box, even though this is a beta model, the fit and finish of EMO is top notch. The final production model should be excellent! EMO comes with a progressive life span. As you work with EMO he will grow and achieve new, fun and interesting things. As with the other beta tester that will be sharing on this blog we all have a love of robotics and technology and we hope you will enjoy the journey with us.


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Wayne is a geek from way back, who loves playing with robots, AI and technology in general. He loves helping out in the community which is his inspiration for this blog.