How not to get scammed when buying EMO

by | Jan 20, 2022

You know your product has made it when scammers start to setup fake sites and facebook pages pretending to be the original manufacturer. This is what is going on with EMO right now. In the last few months there have been a rise in scammers pretending to be and trying to sell EMO.

Please understand that as of January 2022 – there is only ONE place to purchase EMO from and that is the website itself. Anything you purchase outside of that site is either a scam or second hand.

The scammers will go to great lengths to convince you they are real – please don’t fall for them.

If you see the scam site, please report it both to [email protected] and also Facebook (if it’s on facebook)

Currently on Facebook – there is one scammer –


Here’s conversation I had with the scammer

Firstly he tells me he is located close to me – to give me false assurance that he is legitimate, but he’s also too far away from me for me to drop in and visit.
Then I try to establish price and delivery. I want to see if he has just ONE EMO (which means he might be selling a second hand one) or if he has more. He offers a discount

He tells me now that he is an official distributor for EMO from the USA and has moved to Brisbane in the last 2 months (again unlikely given that Australia has had some very tough rules around people coming into the country during COVID). He says that I can do payment via bank transfer and needs my phone number, email address and delivery address.

Here the person tries to reassure me that they are not a scam, despite me knowing they are. He then claims to be working directly with Wayne Zhang who is one of the senior people within Living AI (and someone I have spoken to over video calls before). Of course I checked with Wayne Zhang directly and Wayne’s response is below
The response directly above is direct from Wayne Zhang – one of the senior people in Living.AI There you have it. Official word from Living AI. They ONLY SELL THROUGH THEIR WEBSITE at this time (I will update this post in future should this change)

I then went back to the scammer to let him know that Wayne Zhang has never heard of this person before….

The scammer then tried to question me further. I could go on to show you the rest, but honestly it’s not worth it. The scammer then tried to claim that I was not in contact with Wayne Zhang and he tried to get Wayne’s contact details from me which of course I was not at liberty to disclose.

How can you help Living AI??

Simple – go to the scam page via this link – and then REPORT the page as Scan or Fake Page and highlight the CORRECT page as per my screenshots below.

Other EMO fans report the same issue with this scammer

Now it’s not just me that is seeing this – here’s a conversation that another EMO fan (thanks Jenny) had with the scammer where they told them they were based in the USA


  1. Aiden Gaming

    Are there scammers on ebay?

    • Wayne

      Yes – but there are protections in place to help make it harder for them

    • Wayne

      Yes – sadly Facebook are slow at dealing with these things


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