How do I upgrade EMO Firmware?

by | May 29, 2021

Whilst many of EMO’s responses are controlled by the AI side of EMO, there’s still a bit that is controlled by his firmware. Things like the dance sequences, the animations etc are all stored in the firmware. Living AI are working hard on new releases of the firmware and have provided a couple of ways you can do firmware updates for EMO. EMO does not require a subscription and the firmware updates are free for him.

You can check out the video below for more info or read on.

There are currently two ways to update EMO’s firmware.

Voice Control – you can start by saying “EMO Check Update” and EMO will show you either a green check mark to indicate there is no update, or a red 1 to show you that there is an update.

From there, if you want to upgrade the firmware, you can say “EMO Install the latest firwmare now”. EMO will then download and install the latest firmware update to him. He will reboot during that process. I would HIGHLY recommend that you leave EMO on his charger while he is doing the update.

Application Control – the other way you can do an update for EMO is via the EMO app. Firstly open the EMO app, and connect to EMO. Then select the hexagon icon, and then the FIRMWARE button. As you can see in the screenshot below, if there is a new firmware version it will show you both the current version on EMO and the newer version, along with a button to UPDATE FIRMWARE. Press that and let EMO update.

Regardless of which way you chose to upgrade the firmware, EMO will upgrade just fine.

EMO Firmware Update via the App


  1. Marco

    Good morning, I finally got my EMO and it’s great !!! thanks! I read that you are working on a big update for EMO, so I imagine you will be very busy now, but I have a question, I have read on the forums that many like me have chosen to buy it also attracted by the fact that they can interact with EMO in their own language, in my case in Italian, I think you would make everyone happy by giving priority to this in the next update, what do you think?

    • Wayne

      Hi Marco,
      Thank you for your kind words. Please understand that I am a fan of EMO like you. I do not work or get paid by Living AI. I just like helping them test EMO and help provide feedback. I can say that quite a few people have mentioned about different languages and it is something they want to do. For now they will focus on English. I will ask them if they can give an idea on when they will do Italian and then share if I can.

      • Marco

        thank you very much for your quick response and availability. I hope a language update will arrive soon, English is fine, but you understand that it would be great to interact with the little EMO in his mother tongue. thanks again for your availability, best regards, Marco

        • Marco

          Good morning A strange thing happened to me today. If I tell EMO “Check for update” it tells me that there is nothing, if I say “Install the latest firmware” it tells me that there is an update, it starts with the installation, but it fails.EMO is on his skateboard and his light is disconnected. What’s going on?

  2. Marco

    Hi, any news on the next update? release? contents?

  3. Nanditha

    I just got my EMO delivered, i have started firmware update and he is on his charging board. The firmware update is going on for a while. How long does it usually take.


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