EMO Voice Training

by | Mar 24, 2021

The team at Living.ai recognise that EMO’s “wake word” will be said in different ways by people from around the world. I can say that during my testing, I found it difficult at times to EMO to understand my Aussie accent where we say EMO with a long E, vs some of the European accents where they say the E so that it almost sounds like an I.

Recognising this, the team have put up a webpage on their site where you can go and record yourself saying the word “EMO”. This will help them tune the voice algorithms and make EMO work better on a global scale.

You can get to the page via this link https://living.ai/wake-up-training/

The page is designed to be pretty simple to use. So – if you have ordered your EMO and are waiting for it to be delivered, then why not check out the page and start helping make EMO better already


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