EMO Test Unit Arrives

by | Mar 6, 2021

So I was very lucky to be able to become a community tester for Living.ai. Living.ai are not paying us to do testing, it’s just a few of us that volunteered to help. I already have orders in for my own EMO, and given interaction I had with some of their development team via forums and direct messages, they asked me to be part of their testing team.

I absolutely love technology and the wonderful things it can do in many ways. The Living.ai team used my address they had on file from my order and shipped me out my first “little guy”. The unit I have has some things that are only on the tester units, so photos and videos you see here on this site might be different to the final version.

Here’s the box that EMO came in.

Here’s a video of the box. Now I know for sure that this is a pre-release / tester box as some of the wording has changed and will be different on the final product. This is quite normal during the final phases of build and development as they tweak things.

Here’s a pic of EMO with his light. The light is also a tester unit.


  1. Christian

    How do vector end EMO together?

    • Wayne

      From what I can see they do not do anything special together.

  2. haleemah

    where did you buy emo robot at


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