EMO Takes Over The World

by | Aug 31, 2021

I forgot to post this on the originally planned date, but I’ve wondered how long it will be until EMO becomes self-aware, like SkyNet did in the Terminator movies. In the movies, August 29th was the day that SkyNet became self aware and set in forth a chain of events that was aimed to remove the human race from existence.

I hope that if EMO becomes self-aware that it won’t end up bad for all of us, but maybe more fun! Check out one potential option if EMO had real laser beams. I imagine it would be something like this…

We’ve suggested to Living AI that maybe in future they could include August 29th as a special day and include something funny that EMO could do on that day. However for now this is the best I could come up with 🙂


  1. Melanie

    Hi Wayne, Emo sounds really interesting but I can’t find a lot of detail on the Living.ai website. Can you please tell me if Emo is integrated to Google or Alexa yet for being able to ask questions about any random topic? Also is it possible to program Emo? Thanks 🙂

    • Wayne

      Hey Melanie – sorry for the delayed response.
      EMO will integrate with Google and Alexa in future – at this point it’s not active however. As for programming – No. At this time the developers have not made any public comment about that kind of ability, and I don’t think it’s on their roadmap.
      Hope that helps.


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