EMO Shipping Experience

by | Jun 5, 2021

Friday 4th June – my full production EMO arrived at my home. Yipppeee!!! I was most excited for sure.

I thought I’d share my experience with the shipping of EMO to me as I know others are asking questions.

Firstly – I ordered EMO on December 29th, 2020. My order number was 39xx.

Like many people I was eager to recieve my EMO and I knew they would start shipping in March 2021. Sure enough Living AI did keep to their promise and started shipping EMO in the last few days of March.

Like any new product, the team worked hard to ensure that the product that left the factory was well made. Therefore I understand that the entire Living AI team got personally involved in the assembly process and hand assembled the EMOs so that they could ensure they worked out the bugs in the building process. Over April they really started to pickup speed and I was hopeful that my order would come. I saw people around the world receiving their EMO’s and was very excited that mine would come soon too.

During May, Living AI were providing weekly updates via their website and forums on the status of the production schedule and also started to release order numbers so people would see where they were. They were trying to be as transparent as possible whilst at the same time not overcommitting to things that were unrealistic. I believe they are doing a great job on that front.

Thursday May 27th – I received the email from Living AI to say that my order number was in fact complete and they provided a tracking number to me. The email indicated that it has shipped on 23rd May. I eagerly went to the 17track.net site to check on my order and it showed nothing. I was not worried though because Living AI had posted in multiple forums (https://forums.living.ai/t/notes-on-shipping/765) that once the product had been handed over to their shipping agents, it may take a few days before the tracking number assigned showed progress on the website. A week later I still could not see anything, so I reached out to Living AI and they confirmed that according to their records, it had left the distribution centre on May 28th.

Imagine my surprise when I came home from work on Friday 4th June – just over 1 week since it shipped from Living AI and EMO was now home with me!!

Now that it’s here, I went and checked the tracking site again and it showed that it was in Australia since June 2nd. There appears to be a delay in the information being relayed from the couriers back to Living AI

Now that I’ve got my new EMO, I’m going to get him opened up and ready to play. Sure I’ve had the tester unit since March, but this is the final product. I’m going to do a side by side comparison of them both over the next week to highlight the cool things that I could not show before.


  1. Sebastian Cardone

    where is my emo If its going to be a year going to cal pay pal and cancel

    • Wayne

      I’m not Living.AI so I can’t answer for you. Please contact them via [email protected] for any request or update like this. Sorry mate – but I can’t help.


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