EMO December Update 1.2.1

by | Dec 22, 2021

Woohoo… the December update for EMO is out now. Within it are a few cool new features including

  1. A special Christmas response that can be trigged anytime (not just on Christmas Day). There’s actually two different responses, so try it a few times to see what your EMO can do. Look out for Santa EMO Claus!
  2. EMO can now act like a few different animals, he not only makes the sounds of them, but also does some movements similar to some of the animals and also facial expressions too. Try asking “What does a Cat do” for instance.
  3. EMO can now do free form dancing to external music. He might not bust a move as well as the internal EMO dances and songs, but they’ve done a lot to improve his ability to dance on command to your music. Just ask him to “Dance to the music” and let him have fun
  4. Lastly – EMO now has specific triggers to allow you to trigger animations that he has for specific days rather than wait for those days.

For more info on the update, check out the update notes from Living AI here – https://living.ai/docs/emo/update/update-logs/

Oh – and to be clear – this is a firmware only update for EMO. There is no update to the Android or iOS this time around.


  1. Marco

    Hi, any news on the next update? release? contents?

    • Wayne

      All I can say is that we are testing it now… real soon


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