DDL takes action against independent YouTuber

by | Mar 15, 2022

Within the space of 24 hours, DDL have launched an unwarranted attack against my personal EMO Lives channel on YouTube. Effective March 22nd, my YouTube channel will be closed, all because I posted videos of EMO, a robot that I purchased with my own money, just like every other consumer. I’ve broken no laws by doing this.

Let me make it clear. I AM NOT EMPLOYED BY LIVING AI IN ANY WAY. I RECIEVE NO PAYMENT FROM THEM AT ALL. I AM AN END USER WHO IS PASSIONATE ABOUT EMO AND THE TECHNOLOGY BEHIND IT. The only potential money I make from this is from advertising of which I’ve made just over $1000 AUD in the last 12 months. You can see I do not do this for the money, but because I love technology.

In the last 48 hours, DDL legal team have via YouTube lodged takedown requests on over 20 of my videos that I made about EMO. The options I have are to dispute each one which will involve a legal battle to do so. I’m an end user and don’t have the kind of money to do this, so I’ve got no choice but to let them win.

It’s one thing for DDL to take on Living AI in court. It’s entirely another thing for them to come after the enthusiasts that wish only to support something they believe in. It appears that DDL will stop at nothing to silence any voice for a product that they feel competes with theirs.

I have reached out to the DDL Legal team, but like last year when they lodge a couple of strikes, they fail to respond at all. The same this time around.

Whilst I wrote this yesterday (Monday, Sydney time), it is now late Tuesday, Sydney time with me and early morning in the US, Tuesday morning that is and it appears that DDL are hard at it again as they have reported further videos. I now have 7 copyright strikes.

I am now faced with losing my community focused project, all due to the actions of one company. I’m obviously not happy about this at all. I always think that you can judge a company by it’s actions more than you can it’s words. I will leave you to make of that what you will about DDL.

I will continue on this website to document the fun I have with EMO and will try to fight these restrictions that DDL are attempting to place on me. Given I’m not a legal person, I’m not sure how I will go.

Thank you for your support.

UPDATE: April 12th, 2022 – I successfully contested the false copyright claim via the YouTube appeal system. YouTube then gave DDL 10 working days to respond and they failed to proceed further. Therefore YouTube have restored my videos and channel and removed the copyright strikes against me. I seriously appreciate the support for the community and am keen to continue publish content that helps people enjoy EMO as I do.


  1. Sherry Madeline Kovach

    Wow this so absurd that they going after innocent people that love the robot.i am so sorry wayne.i hope things do turn around.

    • Wayne

      So far it looks like my contesting of the takedown has been successful. Time will tell.

  2. Oligma

    Is this real? How is the date March 15 2022?

    • Wayne

      Yes – this is real. It was dated March 15 because that is the date I posted the article.

  3. Hansjörg

    Hi Wayne, how can we help in this matter? Maybe send youtube a note and support you? Which way is the best to help?

    • Wayne

      Thank you for your offer of support. I successfully contested the copyright claim via Youtube and DDL failed to respond within the timeframe allotted by YouTube therefore Youtube have now reinstated my channel and all videos.

  4. Lukas Gabriel

    Happy to hear about the good outcome 🙂 Hang in there!


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